Prophetic Word 11/8/19


Prophetic Word 11/8/19

There are 3 things you are to focus on the days ahead with purpose, intention, and perseverance. I say perseverance because your enemy will try to bring a pressure upon you to get you to back down or give up. This will never be from Me. Here is a plan and strategy from Me that will help you rise up in My abundant life I have given you.

1. Keep your eyes open and upon Me

I call it my Face Time with you.

I will lead you, guide you, and reveal to you each day that which is especially tailored to you each day in all circumstance.

2. Always receive and keep your heart open and filled with My love. My love sustains you, protects you, and brings joy and peace no matter what you are facing. 

The challenges are won and overcome because of My life and love that flourishes in your heart anew each day. 

3. Bring to me every weight, burden, anxiety, confusion, and discouragement. 

Resist them with all the might I give to you. 

Deny these enemies access into your soul and thoughts. 

Receive healing from me each day. I have made you whole in your mind and body through the Blood shed at the Cross. 

Remember the blood of My Son that speaks loudly to Me on your behalf. 

In other words, my children, let me in so the glory of God can shine throughout your life.

My love and favor are on you. 

Your Heavenly Father

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Prophetic Word 2019

I am your Rock of strength

My ear is never deaf to your cries to Me

I will never remain silent to you, but I will give your ears to hear my voice and know my instructions.

Call on Me

Lift your hands to worship me.  

Trust Me with all your heart

I will help you because I am your helper.  Have I now given my Spirit to come and indwell you, and bring my help to you. 

I am Your fortress and safe ground.  

I am teaching you to war in the heavenlies to bring my judgments,  declarations, and decrees.  I have assigned angels to work on your behalf.  Angels respond to my word spoken. 

These are days are declaration, and decree, as you move in my kingdom purposes.  You are not alone in any battle, but victory is always yours.  

So strengthen yourself in Me, put my Word into your heart that it will rise up to speak to you, remind you, and rescue you in times of difficulty and trouble. 

There are those that are wolves in sheeps clothing; imitators, and those that will bring a false

Word or instruction.  You will recognize the difference and know my voice.  My sheep know my voice and not the voice of a false stranger or deceiver. 

These are days where there are many deceivers and those who are greedy or unscrupulous. 

You are my people and are holy because of the righteousness of my Son.   

It is my desire that you bear fruit and prosper in the marketplace.  You carry my covenant promises and this will be recognized by many that my blessing is on your life.  

Walk with Me, talk with Me, rid yourself of all burdens, fears, anxieties. 

I will give you great creative ideas that will cause you to excel and do well and this will be seen as a testimony of Me.  My people are to shine.  

There will be those naysayers or jealous ones, but do not fear evildoers.  I will repay and expose the evildoer and he will be caught in his own devices.  

I laugh at those whose plans and put forth in arrogance and pride.  My plans will stand firm.

Be confident in Me and call those things that are not as though they were.  Declare what I say about a matter.  This will pull you back to a place of confident trust and stability. 

I am demonstrating My covenant through the properity of my people.  I desire that you prosper, be in health, and your soul prosper.

Seek me early, ask of Me, seek My wisdom.  This is a simple instruction and direction that will never fail you. 

Be lifted up tonight in my presence and anointing.  I have gifted you in many ways and you will learn to abide in Me and expect the highest and the best. 

Worship, praise, and thank Me in the midst of battle.  I am the victorious one who leads the way. 

Receive tonight the awakening and impartation of my Spirit anointing you for success, patient endurance, and the unusual in the miraculous. 

I love you.  Your Heavenly Father 

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